QUOTATIONS – 2021 – 2022 

(a) 1_School Magazine Saikorian – 2022

(b) 2_News Letter for Jan 2022 and Aug 2022

(c) 3_Diamond Jubilee Souvenir

(d) 4_Preparation of Panel Board 250 Amps

(e) 5_Preparation of Flags etc., (with basement)

(f) 6_Re-winding of Ceiling Fans

(g) 7_Provision of Gas Pipeline in Chemistry Lab

(h) 8_Construction of Platform for MiG-21 Air Craft

(j) 9_Construction of Platform for Motivational Hall

(k) 10_Preparation of Diamond Jubilee Plaque

(l) 11_Light fitting in Saikor Museum

(m) 12_Bakery Items